Datong County the town of Haruki on the town of six months of the objectives of the responsibility

in order to fully grasp the progress of the town of Haruki six months of work, in line with the problem, promote the implementation of the purpose of progress. August 22nd to 23, the town Party committee and government organizations from team members, party office, comprehensive management, planning, civil affairs, agriculture and other office staff, divided into two groups for the 20 Haruki half of the party’s organization construction, spiritual civilization, production safety, labor export, family planning, comprehensive management of social security, rural economic development the work of the inspection. Supervision to listen to the report, check information, etc..

village Party branch according to the notice issued under the supervision of the town, for the first half of the party and the central work carried out a careful comprehensive summary. Through the inspection, the majority of the village signed on the basis at the beginning of the responsibility, to carry out the work, and then implement the plan, basically reached more than half the time, more than half of the mission objectives and requirements, and achieved good results. read more