United Way organizers urging lastminute pledges

The United Way flag flies outside the Schmon Tower.Brock’s United Way campaign has officially wrapped, but donations for the 2009 campaign can be made until the end of the year.The campaign has raised nearly $100,000 so far. The 2009 goal was $109,000. But at this month’s wrap-up, campaign committee co-chairs Kevin Lawr and Gregory Finn said they were confident the goal would be met.“We know there are people out there who haven’t yet filled in their pledge cards,” Lawr said. “They have told us they plan to, so we’re reminding them to get those cards in before the end of the year.”A tough economic year and a multitude of good causes competing for donations made the campaign challenging this year, organizers said.But an expanded volunteer group and the new events started this year provide good building blocks for future campaigns, they said.The 2008 campaign goal was $96,000. The Brock community pledged $122,000.Campaign co-chair Gregory Finn stands by as Mary Poulin and Kevin Lawr draw the winning ticket for the United Way raffle. The grand prize was Toronto Maple Leafs tickets. read more