Should the TRRC be dissolved

first_imgMany readers have been asking Foroyaa whether the TRRC should not be dissolved given the level of exposure of horrible deeds in the past.The TRRC is established around the concept that truthful accounts of violations and abuses need to be exposed and admitted by the perpetrators who will beg for forgiveness; survivors or the families of victims should be willing to forgive in order to pave a new way forward, where all live in peace without grudge or vendetta.In short, the TRRC is part of the healing process in a transition which requires the truth to be exposed in order to succeed. It is not a trial but an inquiry. Even crying while testifying should not be underestimated as pouring everything out can serve as part of a healing of the wound in one’s heart.Needless to say, a criminal trial requires a high standard of proof – proof beyond reasonable doubt – in order to succeed. Even there the atmosphere is clouded with acrimony as the accused flatly refuses to admit his/her guilt in order to avoid conviction. The feeling of vendetta and frustration is likely if the case does not succeed and the prevalence of harmony would be the casualty.last_img read more