To open a snack shop to make money from ancient incense Wagang

to open a sweet snack from patina Wagang make money? The traditional view of the pursuit of China diet "to enjoy delicious", "pay attention to diet and prebiotics", patina of Hong Wagang snack is to take into account these two aspects, so it is popular among consumers in hot summer and cold winter, crock snacks are very popular. Wagang snack market prospect is so broad, and low investment cost, high profit, quick recovery, so to open a patina of Hong Wagang snack shop is a good choice of the venture investors.

to open a sweet snack from patina Wagang where? This is mainly due to the good taste of their dishes, and nutrient rich, while the cost of investment is very low.

1, nutrition is also


2, the investment cost is low, the initial investment is only 3-4 million

Only need a simple decoration

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