Hebei focus groups to promote employment and entrepreneurship environment is very good

Some good policy support the government of

, can be said to be the first step in achieving the success of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial wealth, but also will promote confidence in entrepreneurial enthusiasm and entrepreneurial people in some areas, especially now in many provinces and city are actively implementing this point.

vigorously support the employment of College graduates. Perfect the college graduates employment and entrepreneurship support subsidies, college graduates will be a one-time business subsidies, first engaged in self-employed and founded small and micro enterprises social insurance subsidy policy in the condition of personnel adjustment for the graduation period within 5 years after graduation. The new recruit small and micro enterprises within 2 years after graduation of university graduates, with the signing of more than 1 years of fixed-term labor contract and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions, one-time employment subsidies per recruit 1 college graduates to the standard of 1000 yuan.


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