Supercar top ten brands list

super running in the current has become more and more people like a product, the market is also in order to meet the needs of the natural born a lot of brands. 30 years ago, the performance of the supercar may now be able to easily do luxury cars. The highest speed is pushed higher and higher, and the 0-100 km / h acceleration time is being pressed more and more short, control is also getting closer to those professional racing. But in the top of the car, which of the 10 brands most let you excited? Let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the super sports car ten brands list.

supercar top ten brand NO1- Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce


(Rolls-Royce) is the world’s top luxury car manufacturers, was founded in 1906 in Britain, the founder of Frederick Henry Royce (Henry · Charles Stewart Rolls (LES) and Charlie · Routh). Rolls-Royce produced cars are outstanding representatives of the top car, luxury and world-renowned. In addition to making cars, Rolls-Royce is also involved in the field of aircraft engine manufacturing, it is also the world’s best engine manufacturer, the famous Boeing aircraft is used in the Rolls-Royce engine. Rolls-Royce motor company was taken over by BMW (BMW) in 2003.

supercar top ten brand NO2- Pagne Pagani zonda

pagani Zonda is a super sports car, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and dare roadster sector known as one to compete, the perfect work enough to allow Ferrari to shame. Every car is delivered to the customer Zonda have unique charm, strong dynamic performance, and since Pagani Handmade adhering to noble texture, which makes the limited production Pagani Zonda super sports car worth more.

supercar ten brand ranking NO3- Spyker Spyker

The old factory

Spyker as a history of more than 100 years, the brand has maintained a unique style. They produced all of the sports car to build by hand, a number of indicators using F1 standard. As a well-known gourmet luxury sports car manufacturer, noble sports car manufacturing Spyker according to customer demand for customized completely. Spyker’s target is the most high-end sports car market users, these customers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Western Europe, the Middle East and some smaller rich countries, such as Switzerland and Monaco etc..

supercar ten brands list NO4- Bugatti Veyron Bugatti


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