How to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business


entrepreneurs, many people want to through the way of changing our current situation, but many people still have a blind spot for entrepreneurship, more and more people joined the army of entrepreneurship now, many people gain wealth and experience in the business, is a very successful business people, but also some people in the road came a cropper, lose no loss of capital. This is likely to break into a number of errors in the business, in order to let everyone in the business less detours, and we talk about how to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business.

understand the status and development prospects of the industry to join

any industry has its own law of development, from rise to decline. What time to enter the industry and what form of business strategy, to a large extent determines the success of entrepreneurship. The development of an industry can be roughly divided into: cognitive stage, primary development stage, rapid development stage, peak stage, decline stage.

to assess their own operational capabilities

to join or venture, you must conduct a careful assessment of their own operating capacity, at the same time figuring out how to manage the project you want to join, you must have the ability to operate.

The key factor in the success of

‘s business is your desire for success, which is the belief in success.

successful entrepreneurs of everyone, have a firm belief and even the cause of faith. Only with this excellent quality, in the business on the road, Buweijianxian, ready to challenge themselves, to break through the self, the ultimate success. Many entrepreneurs often underestimate the difficulty of running a shop, a shop did not think what, in fact the store is small but complete, require operators to have more comprehensive management and marketing ability, only with a passion and impulse, it is difficult to succeed. Entrepreneurs must have the basic qualities of entrepreneurs, to have a protracted war preparations.

set up a correct concept of joining, recognize their real needs.

I asked a lot of joining the losers, why did you start the business did not succeed? The answer is 80%, because the product problem. I asked them: "you have so many places in the store, they do not have the product, why not make money, or even a lot of failures?" in the current competitive environment, the product alone is impossible to win. Now ask yourself: in the "price war" flying all over the sky, products serious homogenization situation, how do you manage their stores and eventually win? If they do not have this ability, then choose the one with such ability brand, business success rate some high.

if you want to start, first of all to recommend distraction

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