Catering business in the management of knowledge

a successful entrepreneur, is caused by a variety of factors, not only in the store business has its own set of methods and techniques, in the management of the store staff, but also has its own set of methods. Xiaobian to tell you, do catering business, in the management of employees what knowledge?

enterprises in the treatment of employees, to be a little more "human", the implementation of tender management. The so-called tender management, refers to employees, managers should respect and care about the employees trust in subordinates, to staff for the more "human", less bureaucratic airs, try to solve the practical difficulties in their work and life, so that employees really feel the warmth of the leader, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of his (her) they work.

softhearted management is of great significance to the catering management of human resources. First, the warmth management can meet the needs of employees to get love and respect. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory tells us that the highest level of human needs is to get love and respect, everyone wants to be affirmed and appreciated by others. Warmth management is able to meet the emotional needs of employees, staff training for the hotel’s deep feelings.

Hotel implement softhearted management, we must respect, care for and trust employees, so that employees feel the warmth of the enterprise managers, enjoy the warmth.

the tender management, must respect the staff. Specifically,   wine shop; work arrangement, system development, environment arrangement and management of language attitude and adhere to the people-oriented, not only to respect the dignity of the staff, maintenance staff face, and to respect the legitimate rights of employees, pay attention to employee work achievements.

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