6 13 Shanxi hail big eggs

the arrival of summer, a lot of places where the phenomenon of heavy rainfall, there are more places under the hail phenomenon. So, 6.13 Shanxi hail big egg is how one thing? In the face of the will, the relevant departments have no timely defense measures?

6 on the afternoon of 13 August, Shanxi, southeastern and Northern hail, especially in the worst hit Changzhi. According to witnesses, there are large eggs hail. The district where many cars have hit a big hole.

according to CCTV weather forecast, today to 16, the South will appear since the flood season this year, the largest range of rainstorm, some areas may exceed the same period in the history of extreme daily rainfall. Among them, Fujian and other places in the northwest part of the heavy rain. Heavy rainfall during the 14 main night to the morning of 16 am.

is reported that the heavy rainfall process area of about 1 million square kilometers, the largest range of heavy rainfall this year, heavy rain area of about 460 thousand square kilometers.

people in the face of the weather, a lot of time, although the technology is more developed, but only in advance to do the appropriate preventive measures to minimize the loss! Comply with the laws of nature, the development of the economy, but also pay attention to the protection of the environment, human beings will have a better ecological environment, natural environment!

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