Fujian female college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition next month from 18 may ap

to achieve the goal of entrepreneurship, must be inseparable from the construction of women’s entrepreneurship. Support for female entrepreneurs began to get attention, Fujian province will set up the first female college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest, providing a platform for female entrepreneurs.

"to build the future innovation and win-win" as the theme of the first Chinese (Fujian) female college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition will be held on December -2016 June. Participants should be from December 18th to March 18, 2016 to sign the registration of modern youth network.

participants for the preparation of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions all full-time colleges and students, and age less than 35 years old (35 years) college graduates (college, undergraduate, master and PhD) at the same time, welcome overseas students to participate in. Participants attend to the entrepreneurial team, team creative staff for women and the core members of at least 2 women; the company has established team, women must be accounted for more than 30% stake.

competition led by the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial education department, set the creative group and combat group, creative group first prize of 50 thousand yuan +20 million in venture capital, combat group first prize of 200 thousand yuan +100 million in venture capital.

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