How to innovate the ability of listed companies 43 companies on the list

in the continuous development of the economy, in the process of development, although the harvest will be a lot of joy, but with the fierce competition in the market, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is also essential! In July 10th, jointly organized by the media and public securities, Zijin "2016 Chinese innovation index A shares of listed companies listed company Chinese Inaugural Conference and innovative leadership forum" held in Nanjing Zijin Mountain Conference center.


conference released the innovation ability China A shares of Listed Companies in the list of the top 500, this is the first big data research based on Listed Companies in Guangdong, innovation report, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces and five top companies on the list, accounting for more than 60%. Jiangsu 43 companies on the list, Su ningyun (002024, shares), hongtugaoke (600122, shares), Xugong (000425, shares), Jin Tanglang (002081, shares), Kim Ji Technology (002090, shares) and a number of local listed companies listed.

Zijin media think tank after eight months, the evaluation of the ability of listed companies to evaluate the innovation of the A shares of the 2760. According to the listed company’s innovative strength index, innovation efficiency index, innovation performance index, innovation resource index, sustainability index, 5 level two indexes and 21 other three indicators, mining and analysis of the innovation of big data from 2011 to 2015 calendar year 5 A shares of listed companies, were screened out a strong ability to innovate 500 companies. Covering the manufacturing industry, information technology, wholesale and retail, real estate, integrated services, financial services and other 12 industries, each industry picked out about 20% of the company, as the most innovative listed companies.

, deputy director of Zijin media think-tank of information management Nanjing University Dean Sun Jianjun introduction, 500 companies on the list, the motherboard 265, 158 small plates, the gem 77, small board and GEM listed companies are in the field of information technology, inject new vitality into the capital market.

report shows that the size of the enterprise and the ability to innovate is directly related, but also because the industry varies. In the manufacturing sector, the larger companies can gather more resources for innovation, and in the service sector, a number of "small and fine", "small and beautiful" company is good at innovation, combination, innovation ability is good. Affected by the macroeconomic environment, the last one or two years, the overall profit of the list of companies showed a downward trend, but because of the overall innovation capability is better than non-listed company, the ability to deal with downward pressure stronger.

held on the same day the first China listed companies innovation leadership forum, focus on scientific and technological innovation, the famous economist, former party secretary of Nanjing University professor Hong Yinxing, Bank of Communications (601328, shares) chief economist Lianping professor delivered a keynote speech. In the listed company of high-end innovative leaders dialogue link, state power South (6 recommended

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