Edible oil brands list ten

speaking of edible oil, almost everyone will feel very familiar with, after all, every person’s life is not the lack of. It is precisely because of such a demand, will make the current edible oil market is more and more broad, the birth of a very high visibility of a very high brand. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce the ten major brands of edible oil brands, so that we have a better understanding of China’s edible oil market.

common edible oil to vegetable oil, including corn oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil, heat olive oil etc.. Good oil can not only cook delicious things but also to protect the health of the human body. So choose a good oil related to the health of the whole family, now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce ten edible oil for reference.

ten edible oil brand ranking NO.1, arowana arowana: is the world’s top 500 Wilmar’s famous brand of grain and oil, with excellent performance in Chinese arowana brand market, its parent company, Wilmar international since March 2012 topped the U.S. "fortune" magazine global food production industry the Most Admired Companies after topping. In July 2012 topped the "fortune" the world 500 strong 223.

edible oil ten brands list: NO.2, Luhua Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong city of Laiyang, is a large private enterprise, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization.

edible oil ten brands list NO.3 and Fulinmen: COFCO Food Marketing Co. Ltd. was founded in January 2007, its predecessor is Shanghai Fulinmen Food Co. ltd.. COFCO Food Marketing Co. Ltd. is Chinese foodstuff (Group) Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, responsible for the overall investment in the domestic production of the "fortune", "universal", "marketing and brand operation, transaction color" and other series of kitchen food.

edible oil ten brands list NO.4, MIGHTY:1992 standard Chinese force was established, and the creation of brand force. Sales of high-end products related to health edible oil, Chongdiao nutrition, snacks and other diversified products.

edible oil ten brands list NO.5, orchid peanut oil ten brands, Chinese large vegetable oil processing enterprises in oil plant group and Qingdao joint venture, Kerry oil (Qingdao) Co., ltd..

edible oil ten brands list NO.6, Shengzhou: in 1993, Fujian province famous brand, Fujian famous brand, high-tech enterprises, large edible oil production enterprises in Fujian Province, Xiamen Zhongsheng grain and Oil Group Co. ltd..

top ten brands of edible oil

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