10 entrepreneurs should learn a lesson of the error

in the entrepreneurial tide, countless people have always wanted to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but the risk facing this industry is very large, if a mistake is likely to let their entrepreneurial journey ended in failure. Therefore, entrepreneurs only to avoid more mistakes, to be able to make their own business is more likely to succeed. Entrepreneurs always blindly make some typical mistakes led to the failure of the company, through the summary, there are ten most common mistakes. Today, a small Yin and entrepreneurial enthusiasts together to learn about it, before the Man Kam, a good foundation for the future of entrepreneurship.

every year, there will be new start-ups, but there will be a number of start-up companies fall, but the reason is similar. Startups often fail to do so. TarekKamil said he every week and three or four entrepreneurs exchange, and their problems are similar to the advisory. The failure of countless entrepreneurs fall in the same place, including him, a lot of entrepreneurship and venture capital and continuous entrepreneurs have said that entrepreneurs are always troubled by some common problems, if you can before human learning, will greatly enhance the success rate of entrepreneurship.

TarekKamil is a serial entrepreneur. He has five entrepreneurial experience, the most recent information dissemination platform Cerkl, he is the founder of CEO. According to his many years of entrepreneurial experience, he has provided a lot of start-up companies related to business consulting and guidance. He summed up the entrepreneur’s most likely to make 10 mistakes, I hope the majority of entrepreneurs can be used as a reference.

1. less than


marathon not casually to run down, it needs pre prepared and training. Entrepreneurship is also. Before starting a business, first of all, we must first do some warm-up exercises, including the proper adjustment of work and rest time, physical condition, but also appropriate to expand interpersonal relationships, etc.. Kamil said, must be careful to ensure that all aspects of their lives are ready, because once started, it will completely occupy and affect your life.

if family and friends were not aware of the consequences of entrepreneurship, or did not get their full support, entrepreneurs will not only bear great pressure in emotion, and it will be distracted, unable to focus to participate in entrepreneurship. So entrepreneurs in the business before, must openly communicate with them to communicate, so that they can prepare for their understanding and support.

tell your family and friends that you’re going to do it all the time, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer important to you, although sometimes they may feel that way. Kamil recommends that you agree on this point, as in the entrepreneurial process, the individual student

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