How to do business to capture the hearts of customers

in order to promote the development of the store business, now the owner of the customer to obtain the basis of recognition but spent a lot of effort. In fact, the market marketing such as rivers and lakes, such as the sword, how in the fierce competition in the terminal market talent shows itself? When we are in the price war, advertising war, promotional war cycle time, may wish to abandon the old thinking, broaden their horizons and try new tactics, perhaps can have unexpected harvest.

had a case where a customer bought a carton of milk at a supermarket and went to a snack bar nearby. He cracked the milk box and began to eat. After dinner, he found a fly in it. So, the customer returned to the supermarket to discuss that ablaze with anger.

the customer manager on duty office, asked the side edge apology found flies place, boxed milk and so on, and help him analyze possible reasons. But the customer to business excuse for the grounds, refused to apologize for saying to the supermarket. Finally, the duty manager to leave the customer contact, decided to change the time to negotiate.

second days, Day reception manager on duty to call the customer, they and milk manufacturers after consultation, inviting customers to visit the whole filling process, milk milk factory and put forward the spirit of the customer and responsible attitude, to fly the death time for identification, please customer supervision.

customers in the milk factory visit, the impossible flies appear in closed phenomena such as milk filling; at the same time, customers feel that the supermarkets’ handling of the situation is very serious, for he is very responsible attitude softened. At this time, the manager on duty and timely apology, so that the event has been very satisfactory solution.

if you want to really get the customer’s recognition, first of all can not allow customers to be hurt, so as to win the hearts of customers. In a word, reflect customer value, don’t hurt the customers, this is the key to bring back the reputation to win. Let customers have a kind of "God" feeling, not only to win the market, but more importantly, captured the hearts of customers.

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