Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang went to visit the headquarters of the channel network

channel network is a business network all over the country to join the venture platform for entrepreneurs around to take entrepreneurial gospel. Recently, Qitaihe City Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang came to the headquarters of the channel network, in-depth understanding of the business and the advantage of channel network.

2016 January 16th, Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang a line of leadership to visit the headquarters of channel network. Group vice president, Ms. Wang Hui expressed warm welcome to visit Wang Chang a line of leadership, in-depth discussion followed by the two sides to expand investment, business cooperation and other aspects of the Internet plus.

, Wang Chang line and all accompanied by leaders held a seminar in the conference room. Group brand director and Research Institute Secretary General Lu Jing introduced the channel network business. At present, the channel network has occupied more than 60% market share in the investment field, with rich experience and strong strength, has accumulated more than and 20 of thousands of enterprises in the network promotion, business outsourcing, business distribution, brand integrated marketing etc. to provide professional marketing services, is the Ministry of small and medium sized enterprises "assessment of the channel construction of choice for service providers". At the same time sharing channel network and the Lu’an municipal government, the Alibaba group exclusive operator of Taobao · Lu’an Museum "e-commerce platform in network aggregation, website construction, logistics system, personnel training and other aspects of the experience.


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