With piercing eye to look at China Merchants join advertising

this is a communication era, advertising is everywhere, a lot of investment advertisement has strong ability of absorbing eye, the face of countless advertising investment, many novice entrepreneurs easily deceived, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of business advertising.


has several distinctive features: one is to pay attention to their minimal investment, exorbitant profits, there is no risk of the project. There is such a good thing, he will tell you? I’m not going anyway. Two is the simple processing and assembly, rich examples. Example, full cash repurchase. I dare not say that these are all liars, but please you every time and they shake hands after. To count his five fingers is complete.

A, when you see an interesting project, if you do not understand the industry, we should immediately go in depth understanding of the local market and the situation. Conclusion if it is in line with the advertisement. Make sure to call the boss or the person in charge.

two, telephone consultation found no doubt, is a must to visit the company. But we should pay attention to such a few mistakes: first, the company is a big scene, does not mean that all the problems, reasonable, moderate is true and credible. Second, do not be big city etiquette and high-end reception halo, inspection is only the second step in decision-making, do not owe human. Third to learn the use of reverse thinking, stand on the other side of the observation and thinking.

note on the company’s background and experience, recommended calm

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