Dry cleaning industry development prospects

dry cleaning franchise industry prospects? Many want to invest in the mining industry to get rich opportunities, if you are still not very clear investment prospects for the development of this industry will quickly come to see that how to understand the dynamic development of the industry, analysis, mining rich good opportunities.

it is understood that there are from Belgium, Germany, China, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States more than and 90 industry leading brands confirmed exhibitors, Italy and Germany two countries will organize pavilion.

Asia international professional textile processing (laundry) Exhibition (TexcareAsia) this year to return to Beijing, as the laundry and dry cleaning franchise stores information professional exhibition industry, the exhibition area will reach 10 thousand square meters, showing the industry’s latest products and technology achievements. The exhibition by the Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Light Industry Machinery Co sponsored by the group, the international forum of professional textile care will also be held in the same period.

it is understood that China’s laundry and dry cleaning franchise stores to join the industry is very young, the use of technology is not particularly economic energy. The German washing chemical supply hundred years brand beauty general manager Seitz said: "with the public to improve the standard of living, Chinese laundry and dry cleaning franchise stores information demand blowout. In this huge market to find their own positioning is essential." The world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty laundry equipment general manager Kay Nikitha Heinz said: "through this platform, we Chinese, Asia and even the whole world to show customers how to use the least money to achieve the maximum effect."

dry cleaning franchise stores the future development of the industry will have the advantage of consumers on the industry look great, the market demand is also expanding, from the exhibition can be seen in this industry in the future China development prospect is infinite, if you want to invest in this industry that do!

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