Taobao shop

for Taobao such a complex online trading platform, many shops operating products are similar, perhaps the shop score is much, in this context, a good name will be very important. However, for numerous shopkeepers, the shop name is also extremely difficult. So, Taobao shop how to name?

Taobao shop named role

shops and even the same, although just a symbol, but because of his meaning, shape, number of strokes, the font is not the same, it will have a role to play for the operator. The name of a shop is pleasant, loud does not necessarily have much help on how to operate. The key is to look at the name and identification of the collocation between the name, five grams of health status, health status of the owner of the shop hit five grams with the name.

and the font used as true fragrance, and grass, imitation song, art, attribute they each have different. So the name of the Taobao shop in the production of signs, when varies from person to person, depending on the shop, and vary by industry. A proper name will be upgraded, can also play well, business riwang effect.

Taobao shop named principle

1. word meaning and the principle of the business.

The five line

2. font with the owner of the shop and business shops operated by the five elements or the principle of consistency.


3. and placeality Tiange collocation to development with the strong.

The attributes of yin and yang to coincide with the

4. name of the owner of the shop sex.

5. named when considering the surrounding environment influence.

Taobao shop name and business rise and fall

such as Taobao name stores and shop facing the discrepancies, will cause business is acceptable, but meager profits.

The name of

shops and the surrounding environment does not match, it will cause and neighborhood discord, prone to disputes, thus affecting the normal operation.

, such as the name of the store and the name of the operator of the five lines, will cause the cause of external forces, so that operators can not afford to take into account the cause of their own business, and ultimately due to poor management caused by the loss of business.

as the shop name and operating the project five line does not match, will result in No one shows any interest in business was bad.

as the name and the day, ground collocation is not good, it will cause the decline of business, back to the days spent.

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