[a wealth of red hijab] wedding market profit rate is 50 500 billion

6 months, the wedding bells began to rise throughout the country. With 80 " " new influx of marriage gradually force, prominent personality wedding consumption is creating new business opportunities, now the new wedding cost more than doubled in two or three years ago, the wedding market is rapidly expanding.

throughout the side of the wedding, wedding planning, wedding indispensable procurement, wedding photography, wedding services, "four elements". In addition, the newly married consumption led the development of more than and 40 related industries, such as home appliances, furniture, bedding, interior decoration, real estate, cars, etc.. Wedding industry chain, full of great potential business opportunities.

for entrepreneurs, a wedding Sundry Goods shop, the wedding for invitations, brooch, bag, dolls, hi hi wedding chapter are included, do not worry about the source. Now in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing and other places have been similar to the department store wedding, one-stop procurement advantage for everyone to win a lot of tourists.

Each link of

the profits of the wedding industry, profits reached more than 50%. But at present, China’s wedding industry is not leading enterprises, there is no national brand. The development of wedding economy calls for the standardization of the market

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