Beverage store opening process

a simple cup of drink, in fact, there are many benefits, beverage shop is just starting a business people are more optimistic about the industry, the development prospects of the beverage industry is good, is the first choice for entrepreneurs. However, many investors do not know the process of opening the beverage store, in order to help them better entrepreneurship, small series of drinks shop for the shop to make a detailed process, go see it.

(1) apply to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for business license.

(2) to open a bank account, is the operator of their own funds deposited into the Bank of their choice and no bank account process.

(3) for the "organization code code", the operator also need to go to the local technical supervision department or the relevant departments for the "organization code certificate". Apply for organization code certificate, beverage stores must submit business license is issued by the Department of industry and commerce, the official seal and legal representative (person in charge) code certificate or a copy of the handling person Id, a competent departments also need to carry.

(4) to the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration.

(5) to the health and epidemic prevention station for health permits.

(6) to the price department for a fee permit.

(7) application for registration. At the start the application is approved, you can apply for business registration, should be in the Department in charge of examination and approval authorities of the enterprise according to the relevant provisions of the registration authority for registration, review, registration authority (refer to the national and local levels of Administration for Industry and Commerce) shall within 30 days after receiving the application, make a decision to approve the registration verification.

(8) business license. The business license is the final part of the examination and approval procedures, the administrative department for Industry and commerce to fill in the "business license of the enterprise legal person or the" business license "on the basis of the examination and verification, by the competent leadership signed and recorded, issued at the same time enterprise registration approval notice, notice approved beverage stores. Upon receipt of the notice, the legal representative shall obtain the license from the registration authority, and shall sign the record.

if you want better business, hope a small part in the introduction of the article is to help everyone, open drink shops, not instant success, so you need to follow the prescribed order, is the foundation of success, to create the most beautiful future. I hope this article can bring beneficial help to the beverage store operators.

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