13th Five Year plan draft to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment

the past two years the employment problem is the focus of the work of the government, therefore, double work to support policy in 2015 is very large, in support of policy, employment situation improved significantly. 2016, innovation and entrepreneurship work is still ongoing. The 13th Five-Year plan draft, to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment  .

"the industry of enterprise production and management difficulties, resulting in reduced demand for jobs, increase corporate downsizing; resolve excess capacity and other supply side structural reform process, is bound to have a part of the enterprise facing down, some workers need resettlement and employment; facing about 7000000 college graduates each year, which will achieve employment objective to increase the difficulty." Yan Hui, former party secretary of the school of labor relations.

Analysis of

achieve better employment, not only in the number of work, also let the quality level.

"from the Spring Festival the recruitment season, some senior technicians still" hard to find one. "." Lin Fenghai believes that this shows that there are still structural contradictions in employment.

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