Laishan undergraduate entrepreneurship employment can enjoy subsidies 6000 yuan per person per year

although the school is not the life the only way, but want a better future, learning is an absolute advantage in the Shandong District of Laishan, there is such a business policy, undergraduate employment can enjoy subsidies, 6000 yuan per person per year.

on innovation drive and human resource strategy, the recently proposed and decided to implement the "Laishan talent plan", spared no expense to build talent reservoir, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". According to preliminary estimates, "Laishan talent plan" for 3 years, the talent grants, subsidies total investment will exceed 100 million yuan.

in March this year, "Laishan talent plan" will be officially implemented. The next three years, the introduction of the new national thousand plan and other high-level personnel will receive a subsidy of $1 million or $500 thousand, along with the employment of their spouses, children attending the problem will be coordinated to solve. On employment in the Laishan district business and technical personnel and skilled personnel, undergraduate education subsidies 6000 yuan per person per year, master degree, intermediate title, technicians subsidy 12000 yuan per person per year, doctoral degree or senior professional titles of senior technicians, 24000 yuan subsidy per person per year, enjoy a period of 2 years.

heavily cited only at the same time, Laishan district also adhere to the "Zhuchaoyinfeng environmental excellence talents. The innovation of "combining education with production and combination form of cooperation with Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, China Merchants Group, set up a" science Shandong Institute of Business and Technology Business School "and" Laishan innovation university ", this is the first province furniture business college independent enrollment eligibility, the entrepreneurial elite class of 53 students.

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