Maternal and child shop commodity display principle of the five key points

is currently on the market chain store mother more and more consumers in order to enable the healthy growth of their children, in favor of more maternal stores high popularity, which has prompted the development of chain store mother, more and more people want to join the ranks of maternal stores, but maternal stores need to pay attention to what? What are the principles of store display?

A, reach the principle (easy pick and place principle)

in the display of goods, and the partitions should be void of 3-5 cm, let the hands of customers easy access, and convenient to replace.

two, full display principle (full frame with the principle of


on the shelves must often be fully, to put the full display, give the customer a good feeling of commodity rich, to attract customers to buy, while reducing warehouse inventory, accelerate the turnover of commodities.

three, FIFO

when the goods on the shelves in the first time, as the goods continue to be sold, added to the merchandising, supplement the merchandise must be conducted in accordance with the FIFO.

display method: first the original goods taken out, and then put into the new goods supplement, and then display the original goods in front of the goods. To some extent, this method can ensure the freshness of customers’ products.

four, relevance principle of display

will category relevance goods or different classification but are complementary goods on display together, to facilitate customers to buy. Note that the associated goods should be displayed on both sides of the channel, or displayed in the same channel, the same direction, the same side of the different groups of shelves, and should not be displayed on the same side of the two sides of the shelves.

five, similar goods vertical display principle

Some principles of


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