How to use soft Wen to promote the hospital website

network marketing can not be separated from soft, hospital network marketing is also true. Soft Wen, simply say is popular science + advertising, write soft Wen, the heart will need to be clear, this article intends to let who see? Hope to play what role? Understand these two points, soft Wen marketing is not a problem. In addition, the soft writing homework to comply with the principle of SEO, because the soft Wen once into the search engine rankings, search engine will help you to promote the long-term promotion of soft paper, play a long-term role in marketing.

1 title to novel, attractive, with keywords optimization

title to novel, attractive, can attract users to click, ambiguous some do not matter. In addition, the title should contain keywords, let the reader at a glance that you want to say what content do not like some advertising, look for a long time or. In the title to contain the key word is also in order to optimize the SEO, get a long ranking, of course, this is limited to the site of the soft Wen, must be controlled, there is also the flow of further guidance.

2 content to popular, can write a novel is also good

medical soft Wen is for patients to see, do not have too many professional terms, as far as possible in the vernacular, there is a story can be easier to read, your idea to allow readers to unknowingly accept. According to the audience and the media, can be written in the first person or third person. For example, the doctor’s own blog, written in the doctor’s tone to meet certain patients, how the condition, how good the effect after treatment. In the domain of others, to users seeking experience to write, so you can avoid being removed. We can often see this article, "Fuzhou and cervical disease fighting for 30 years" "write before discharge"…… Read carefully to know it is soft.

3 soft Wen planning

write soft, is a marketing, but also the need for planning, here is a simple example of a holiday marketing. The cervical vertebra disease as an example, such as father’s Day eve, we can write an article to the father of cervical soft soothing massage, on Valentine’s day, we can write a passage to Fuzhou’s girlfriend to buy a massage for the.

4 write soft points

be sure to write what you want people to see things, such as the name of the hospital, treatment characteristics, so experts, do not mention this is not called soft, but popular science.

you want to say bye broken with sensual rubbing in, can not let people see that it is a soft, soft first to science, people are interested in reading having substance in speech, and then take out.