Others worry about the webmaster QQ group intimate

            today, see a QQ group "news ten per capita QQ group information surplus annoying" webmaster nets and so on all sites, see news reports say many people every day to open QQ, received more than and 10 pop-up, QQ group mail to 600 unread email most of the time, always finishing up, but there are lots of names for you to join the QQ group. These make many people feel very upset, your message too much and useless, into his heart.

now is the information age, each person’s identity is not only in the reality of identity on the network, they can change their identity of Internet chat for now is not what new things, group chat is the trend of the modern youth, regardless of the distance of time, always want to say and the inside of the group of people chat. QQ group is the emergence of so that we have a common interest, the common idea of people together can express the same idea, you can have a common topic.

The problem of

in the news said that because no net friend to carefully choose their own QQ group to lead to such a result, if these groups are you interested in what others say is useful to you, you will still feel vexed? Users with such consumption of network information and the choice of certain be careful, choose what you need, it is good to you.

is also facing the QQ group, stationmaster net (admin5.com) Wenyang think for Adsense is not what bad things, the more business volume of the QQ group, the more meaningful for the webmaster, a large number of QQ group information for the webmaster is network promotion intimate baby.

QQ group to promote their web site for the webmaster is not unfamiliar, here for the owners to mention a few tips, I hope to promote the role of QQ group.

1, QQ group in the number of sperm in more than. Although we always say network promotion, promotion planning. This "wide" is an extension of the fine foundation. If we find a group that is just right for us, that’s what the webmaster really needs. Think about every day to send a message on a lot of groups, the energy is limited, and not the more we send the flow of our web site, the higher the promotion is in the fine on the wide.

2, be sure to choose the appropriate QQ group. Adsense to promote their website must choose the content of the QQ group for their website, promotion is not what kind of group can. For example, your site is to be a star idol website, you can find some star cluster send ads on your site and link, regardless of the consequence if the hair of words, not only did not promote good, will soon be kicked.

3, the number of ads or links can not be too much, to step by step. A yourself and your site related group, group discussion of the information and content, most propbably is well! Is not publish your own.

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