Focus on the ecological value of network network won the award of the two financial summit

news July 21st, "Chinese change: in Beijing new challenges and new opportunities as the theme of the fifth session of the Chinese finance summit day before. Depending on its ecological electricity supplier network network by virtue of the unique ecological business model, global brand ecological operation strength, won the fifth session of China finance summit "2016 best business model award". As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui by its remarkable and profound insights on the quality of life and business users to promote the upgrading of consumption contribution, awarded "2016 (industry) influential figures" award.


network network won the 2016 best business model award "," 2016 (industry) influential figures "two awards

it is understood that China financial summit was established in 2012, is a large number of domestic financial and mass media to build a large event brand. Today, the summit has become one of China’s most influential economic platform for the exchange of ideas.

Fifth China financial summit focuses on the new economic normal business groups to explore the path of enterprise innovation and growth. Network network break boundaries, copy the music as the ecological model to the wine industry, in the industry concerned and become an independent school, certainly China financial summit.

network network brand responsible person said: "we have been committed to the user to create more ecological value, build" ecological supply chain + brand + terminal + eco Internet platform "four tier" wine life complete ecological world ". The network network with the vision of globalization and the integration of old and new layout, covering 16 countries in the world in the name of Zhuang and line manufacturer of wine resources, through the ecological functioning of the global brand and integration and music as ecological resources, bring the global synchronization of wine experience for users."

globalization of ecological supply chain territory rapid expansion

previously, Jia Yueting had announced in 2016 is the first year of the music as the ecological globalization, a series of global strategy has already started. As a sub network network ecological important business unit, also launched the "eco wine life world" strategy, and constantly strengthen the international strategic layout.

April, Li Rui in France as the starting point, the United States, Germany, Chile and other deep Wine area hinterland, promote overseas direct mining, winery wine products purchased, Wine winery fund, capital cooperation strategy action landing, and for the first time with the Russian government reached a cooperation agreement, the introduction of the Lake Baikal mineral water and food, the establishment of ecological Irkutsk. Park base, create a set of items of ecological agriculture and tourism as one of the experience economy cooperation study.

network network goal is not only to the public and the introduction of China boutique Wine global selection, the more to the ecological model of network network landing overseas. Through the global self financing, strategic cooperation, ecological POP, the form of capital cooperation, to achieve the globalization of the ecological supply chain, the territory of the expansion and strong resource integration. Network network will converge to global.

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