Online flowers booking online florist and flower shop faces new opportunities

flower industry, due to a variety of conditions, in the past, the flower shop has been in a closed state. Now is the age of the Internet, people’s consumption patterns with the advent of the Internet era, quietly to change, so there is a "online shop", "online shop", the traditional flower industry felt a sense of joy and hesitation. Hi is: the emergence of the online florist to Florist out of the closure has brought opportunities, and made a lot of additional revenue. The worry is that although many flower shops have been in good cooperation with the online florist. But from time to time, a variety of media reports of bad news about e-commerce, but also make these flowers feel a trace of hesitation. In fact, we should see that from the telephone, fax to today’s network, the application of each new technology, have triggered a revolution in productivity, to bring convenience and fast. Electronic commerce and industry with the recent rapid development of flower industry, both to each other and provide many opportunities for development: the rapid development of the industry as the "flower shop, online shop" business development provides opportunities and possibilities. Similarly, the rise of online flower shop has also injected new vitality into the traditional flower industry –

now, let us have a deep understanding of the online florist: – online florist is 97 years after the rise of the rise in the domestic development of new flowers in the courier, online ordering e-commerce platform. From the first domestic online florist — "thought flowers gifts" appears to now, online shop with the popularity of the Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce, has won the high profit and development space. In today’s increasingly questioned e-commerce, online florist’s smooth sailing, and the healthy development of e-commerce has become almost a fire in the winter". Online florist is one of the few e-commerce content that has so far been profitable. In the United States, 1-800 flower house as the United States, as well as the world’s largest online flower shop success, to show people the bright prospects of online florist. In our country, although we can often see the report of e-commerce business downturn, but the online florist, but in the electronic commerce in a winter, ushered in a spring".

think flowers gift network is by far the most successful flower gift e-commerce platform enterprises. The history of success and failure tells us that the development of e-commerce must be closely combined with traditional industries. In these years, think flowers can continue to capture the gift network business opportunities, out of a win-win path with the traditional flower industry. Gained a good reputation in the customer. At the same time, it is a model for the domestic "online flower shop". So what is the relationship between "traditional flower shop" and "online flower shop" in the Internet age, what does the "online florist" bring to our life?

– with the rapid development of China’s flower industry in recent years, the domestic flower shop has reached more than 2.9. As an important part of the flower industry, the flower industry is playing a more and more important role in the whole flower industry system

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