Hubei police seized the Black Hawk safety net or will become the first case

running the hacker training website, collect dues from members with hacker software technology; since 2005, recruit member fees of more than 12 thousand people, ordinary members of more than 17 people, the collection of contributions of more than 7 million yuan. Yesterday, the Hubei police disclosure: the successful capture of the country’s largest hacker website, two suspects have been arrested.

March 2006, at the age of 26 year old occupation individual network of Lee and Zhang met online, jointly set up the "Black Hawk Technology Co., engaged in" Black Hawk safety net ", Lee as chairman and legal representative, general manager Zhang Ren company, through the development of members, collect dues from members with hacker software technology.

They are members of the

development of a high, Han et al., in order to extort money, in October 6, 2007 the use of download hacking software, Macheng City attack a cafe, leading to the interruption of more than 40 fixed IP network more than 60 hours, the area of the organs and units of normal office order severely disrupted. This is my first suspected of using new criminal cases of crime network, was listed as the supervision of the Ministry of public security cases.

Ma City Public Security Bureau investigation found that the suspect in a long-term study of Black Hawk safety net "for criminal hackers technology. After six months of investigation and careful preparation, in November 26th last year, according to the police had seized the "Black Hawk safety net", Lee captured 3 suspects, the freezing of more than 170 yuan of funds involved, detain the relevant evidence, to completely shut down the site.

according to the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps responsible person, the case is the "criminal law amendment" will provide seventh illegal hacking tools into the crime after the detection of a typical case.

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"criminal law Seventh Amendment"

nine, in article 285th of the criminal law in two as the second paragraph, the third paragraph: "in violation of state regulations, computer information systems invasion than in the preceding paragraph or the use of other techniques, access to storage, processing or transmission of the computer information system data, or the implementation of the illegal control of computer information systems, if the circumstances are serious, three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine; if the circumstances are especially serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of seven years and shall also be fined.

"provided specifically for intrusion, illegal control of computer information systems, tools, or knowing others illegal intrusion, illegal control of computer information systems to provide programs and tools, the circumstances are serious, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph."

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