Chinese nternet 20 years please do not forget my name is webmaster


the wheel of history rolls forward, if history will record the Internet era that shine like a star network influential man don’t know whether this time, the wheel of history can remember some of them, or can only use two words to sum up this group in the history books: webmaster.

this is a group of natural wild growth 20 years group, they may just keep in a rental house in front of the computer in real life, smoking a cigarette, sitting on the bed, a computer desk worn on yesterday ate lunch, drink a bottle of cola fast, material perhaps is extremely poor, but the spirit is extremely happy, because they called the webmaster with a computer and a network connection of the social reality of countless friends in various sites, is their greatest happiness.

"why did you do that?" I edited a text message sent to the mobile phone number for more than and 10 years without contact, his name is Cao Chen, perhaps not many people know him, but the five digit QQ number to prove that he is an old netizen, he now a county bureau responsible for customer complaints day event handling, comfortable, beautiful and virtuous wife, and in 99 years, he is also a webmaster, because of work in the Telecommunications Bureau, he and his colleagues made the first local information port, and they developed a chat room system. When asked why I want to build this question, he as usual without hesitation: when do chat rooms, one for the two revision, with KV300 (editor’s note: Net) you want to get a play, is to give users a local exchange platform.

time flashed, once in the local all-powerful information port and the chat room like yesterday, falling disappeared, leaving the one now who do not know the name, such as his name is called, is the kind of grass, grass grows again with the spring breeze, and indeed no longer on the sites get out, like the roadside weeds, no one knows, but more so in the end station early, most of the times.

The year of

, the national Internet users but also millions, more than and 10 years later, Chinese users already have 600 million, and had a few skilled webmaster group, is a staggering figure: according to the China Internet association, the national Internet Emergency Center issued a "Chinese Internet development status and site safety report (2014)". The "report" shows that as of the end of December 2013, Chinese site sponsor nearly 2 million 817 thousand, the personal website hosted about 1 million 55 thousand, accounting for 30% of the total Chinese website.

We can’t

to record the about one million owners to use personal information and text information, can not speak clearly each of the living conditions of people, but I can use this opportunity to say, this huge Internet industry groups of their own thing.


Webmaster: chasing the ideal and the reality of the tide (1998 – 2001)

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