Reflections on the Tianjin explosion how do we not spread rumors in the network age

[Abstract] the mobile Internet era, we should be cautious, every time forward, are likely to become an emotional kidnapping.

text / Gu Jia (WeChat public number: Story Book)


the world has turned their attention to Tianjin, Tanggu, where there is an "explosive" News – it’s really a big bang".

The evening of August 12th

11:20, the international logistics center of Tianjin port area Ruihai company belongs to dangerous goods warehouse explosion. According to the China National Seismic Network records, a total of two explosions occurred during the fire, about 30 seconds apart. Second magnitude higher, equivalent to 21 tons TNT. Mushroom cloud has been rising.

12 midnight, where I was in a number of WeChat group began to spread the scene of the explosion in the video, a lot of people are curious about this in the end is what? What happened?

until 13 am, Tencent news, people’s daily and other media began to report this event for the first time, people know that a dangerous goods warehouse explosion in Tanggu. Then, in 13, the major mainstream media have been involved in the report, the rapid spread of information in the explosion of the crowd, which in itself is another explosion of information explosion. In this process, I found a few communication phenomenon, it is worth reflection.

: WeChat, micro-blog, a phenomenon of the emergence of a large number of accident scene pictures, some too horrible to look at.

in the next 6-8 hours after the explosion, we can see a lot of accident scene on WeChat, micro-blog. A scene, the flames of explosion smoke like battlefield after the explosion, a large area of charred wreckage, container trucks, be turned in to the earthquake has been destroyed by the explosion shock wave, and even houses burnt bodies…… In a word, use four words to describe is "too horrible to look at". A feeling of sadness and shock began to spread rapidly among the public.

phenomenon two: people have on my dad is your dad, the most handsome retrograde point praise, forwarding

after the explosion, fire officers and soldiers into the port of Tianjin, began to carry out disaster control and rescue work.

at this time, second hot spots began to form. The first is a screenshot from WeChat began to spread rapidly in various social platforms, "my dad is your dad, remember to give my mother’s grave" sentence by netizens point praise and forwarding. About 9:30 in the morning, micro-blog ID as the "Yao small fine" netizen posted a picture called "the world’s most beautiful picture: a long retrograde channel, people in a hurry to depart to escape passage, and the contrast is wearing a red orange fire service firefighters went retrograde behind them go, leaving a figure. Within the next few hours, the picture was heavily forwarded on social networks. Many users a message for young intrepid fireman praise!

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