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from the media era really come to an end? At least some of the sensational articles, say so.

today, a "from the media industry to earthquake, network publishing service management requirements under the new rules of how to survive?" the wide spread in a circle of friends, the author of "sleepwalking Panda" in this, everyone can from the media era, the headline is sufficient to cause the network media, since the media and think from the media people’s attention. In this paper, the number of public reading WeChat "media product notes" has 100 thousand +, and "blueberry" a public number reprint.


Web publishing service management regulations issued in February 14th in

the author out of the Ministry’s official website, will be implemented in March 10th "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") second, ninth and twenty-first (the provisions of national news publication administration director Cai Fuzhao and MIIT minister Miao Wei, the three sign) conclusions:

, now since the media do not have to say, because the guiding ideas for the development of all industries are in the media of a few years ago, the users in the world of ideas, almost all commercial organizations are building their own content channels, okay, now we are going to do.

two, a lot of media operations from the general only one or two people. Anyway, even if there are a little more than eight people, not to mention the fact that the three have to be more than mid-level professional qualifications, estimated that the new generation of people who do not know the media from the above professional qualifications is a ghost, right?

three, one concept or Quxianjiuguo way to solve this problem, it is unlikely.

the article is also very "professional" and "warm" to give a number of recommendations. The man surprised, sensational. But because of its "poker-faced" out of the provisions and gives the interpretation of a mess of a green hand, help unknown rookie in the WeChat circle of friends to turn, but also heart, sad to comment honestly, sincere words and earnest wishes two, as if from the media after two years of bad mouthing came a deadly match March 10th is the deadline. In this paper, in order to emphasize the seriousness, and finally to the sentence "Tencent boss, how to deal with the 10 million WeChat number after March 10th (typos, should be ‘public’). Wait see."

The most terrible

smatter. As you look like today live eighty-eighth Oscar, foreign media push is "Spotlight" won the best film and best screenplay, and domestic media in order to cater to the public (or itself is not professional) and crazy reported Leonardo · the end of the 22 year Dicaprio RANS won the Oscar, China 1 billion 400 million in the follow rather baffling carnival. I do not deliberately want to belittle you are rubbish, after all this is itself is an entertainment to the absurd era.

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