Tomato garden Hong Lei prison interview with CCTV did not expect to go to jail

CCTV "CCTV-12 green bookmark action day in prison before an interview with tomato garden pirated Microsoft case principal Hong Lei, the first case of exclusive decryption software copyright: before and after the disappearance of the tomato garden. "I think the most is to pay a little money to solve, did not expect to go to jail." In an interview with CCTV12 green bookmark action reporter Wang Xiaolei, Hong Lei admitted from the beginning that is wrong, I know it is wrong, but to what extent do not know".


Hong Lei recalls that created the tomato garden, modified Microsoft Windows system because they can own love, but also can be extended to others, I feel a great sense of accomplishment; and the force behind it is because the user, the user needs. The kind of user support for my new version of the new system, should be the reason I continue to do it."

below for its column text record:

piracy Microsoft XP was sentenced to three years in prison

, a college student of the Microsoft XP crack, the price of the software for free lunch for people to download, for a time, the 32 year old young man and his "tomato garden" in the online world fame, very influential. Until one day, the network was arrested in prison, 5 years of scenery, red tomato suddenly disappeared.

provides pirated software for free download, is it a crime?


be held responsible for using pirated software?

CCTV12 green bookmark action exclusive decryption software piracy case: tomato garden disappeared around

virtual world "hero" prisoner of the real world


was taken away by law enforcement in August 15, 2008, Hong Lei agreed to be interviewed for the first time. Sitting in front of CCTV12 green bookmark action reporter Wang Xiaolei, 32 year old Hong Lei from his sentence and a year and a half.

once he was in the online world is highly sought after, netizens called him a "hero", said he was a legend. He not only modify the Microsoft Windows XP, canceled the genuine verification process, but also the theme of Windows, XP desktop, button appearance beautification, some commonly used functions were closed or unloading, made of unattended automatic installation. Microsoft products to complete this series of changes, Hong Lei less than 30 years old, just an ordinary college graduates.

Hong Lei will be "stolen" software, free of charge to Internet users, and Windows XP is only a number of free lunch in the "tomato garden" of Hong Lei.

Hong Lei and his "tomato garden" a. It was not until August 15, 2008 that Hong Lei was arrested on suspicion of copyright infringement, and when the cold handcuffs fell on his hands, Hong Lei realized that he was in trouble

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