Shenzhen cracked a large network of stock fraud the use of software to deal with one person multi an

news November 6th, the day before, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked a large network of stock fraud, involving the preliminary master deceived staff of 35 thousand people, involving more than 400 million yuan. According to the survey, the suspect with a false company as a cover, through the development of the agent team customers, to induce customers to use false quotes software fraud.


hundreds of transnational criminal groups in the implementation of fraud

not long ago, Ms. Fang, who lives in Shenzhen, under the recommendation of a fellow, into a network of live classroom lectures. It wasn’t long before the analysts in the classroom began recommending a stock investment agency called "de Feng International", which said that the agency was listed outside the country and made a lot of money in it.

can not help but persuade all kinds of people in the classroom, temptation, Fang Fang said the analyst said the stock market platform. However, before and after less than half a month, she lost 50 thousand yuan. Ms. Fang realized cheated, and quickly reported to the local police station.

after receiving the alarm, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade for the investigation of the case, the preliminary judgment of the perpetrator is a transnational crime group. May 18th, the illegal operation of securities, online stock fraud in Shenzhen Nanshan official filing.

The police investigation found that

suspects, is located in a group of New Zealand, which through the erection of server outside, the development of software stocks, Wheelock, CITIC International wealth, Kinde international, advocate with two-way operation (long and short), T+0, 20 times leverage function advantage, and the fictional stock funds from New Zealand the government supervision information, the development of agents in the territory of Chinese wantonly.

agents to form a team and arrange for the QQ through the way of mutual friends to develop customers, in order to learn the name of the stock market, draw customers into the QQ group and live video. According to the division of the role of members of the agency agents, analysts, customers and other roles, the group of lecturers in the stock market technology touted, lured customers.

in fact, when customers open accounts, bundled software stocks, bank account trader, this software is not the real stock trading, and to enlarge 20 times leveraged funds calculation, high fees, charging customers every day up to 6% of the overnight fee, resulting in a lot of people serious losses in the short term.

with further investigation, a group led by New Zealand, a number of provinces and cities, Chinese dens distribution involved up to hundreds of people, the use of software stocks false trading cross-border fraud gangs surfaced.

in August this year, the police joint action to close the net in Beijing, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places, vandalized stock fraud dens 16, control 369 suspects, criminal suspects detained 101 people, preliminary master cheat involving staff of 35 thousand people, involving more than 400 million yuan.


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