Stationmaster net broadcast Honey bud baby mail channels involving fraud WeChat head 1 forcing OCD

1 maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby milk procurement channels of direct mail fraud alleged  

if the trolley, safety seats and other fakes depressing, unknown sources of milk is a real fear and anger, after all the mothers first choice of honey bud baby is out of its 100% genuine commitment.

honey bud baby milk powder direct mail touted purchasing milk to test the authenticity of

Phoenix recently reported exclusively "electricity supplier honey bud baby mother suspected of selling fake goods, procurement channels of doubt". The Phoenix survey found that the official propaganda "100% genuine security, only from the brand side, general agent, country of origin direct purchase" Honey bud baby, its sales of rosemari cart and Britax safety seat is not from the brand side, general agent for direct procurement, and Magro suspected fake blue cart.

honey bud baby from Taobao store has been propaganda "the earliest popular Kao diapers authentic licensed concept of business, has publicly shared procurement channels, micro-blog broadcast and brand contract process, the Phoenix verification also doubts.

faced with the media and consumers questioned, 24 PM honey bud baby website product page has begun to show the brand authorization, and for the question of the mother to provide an electronic version of the license, self channel.

2 xiangeqing renamed branch cloud network: the first step in the transformation, when the first radio "mercenaries"  


was founded in 1999, November 2009 listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Xiangeqing reported in 2013 that year revenue of 802 million yuan, down 41.19% over the previous year; a net loss of 564 million yuan, is the history of the most serious loss of a year.

from the beginning of July last year, through a series of acquisitions, xiangeqing involved in environmental protection, film and television, the Internet industry restructuring, most focus on transformation, in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, big data, new media.

the following this article from "China entrepreneur" magazine to the transformation of description and interpretation. The visible even in xiangeqing (oh no, now is in the cloud network), the main content of the cooperation of xiangeqing with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has a different interpretation:

in Meng Kai save xiangeqing package plan in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the priority among priorities, this is where the most questioned.

, deputy director of the Sui Xueqing Institute of computing communication in a media conference that the Institute of computing mastered many core technologies, such as the blue whale in the division Godson and do mass storage, but the technology through subsidiary companies into the product cycle is very long, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will provide data support for the big situation, trying to put large amounts of data product.

Vpal: from the end of 3 counterfeit virtual currency MLM scam  


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