Wang Qing entrepreneurial how to fight guerrilla warfare

      entrepreneurs say: small companies are more like a guerrilla – although with a clear goal, but not for success, but to survive. The big company origin entrepreneurs, but also need to understand the limitations and unique advantages of the regular army.
      it is a great challenge for me to go from McKinsey to business card network. The former is a big company, I like sitting in a luxury car in the copilot position; now the name card network as a platform to start, I became the main driving position. This is not just about two locations around so simple. When I was in McKinsey, to see the internationalization of mature operation, and now join the business card network, is entrepreneurial, no fixed mode of small businesses. Internet based companies have this feature – the business model is changing at any time. We set up more than a year, it has opened up a lot of creative business, from which I and my entrepreneurial team to really experience the hardships of small business venture.

      entrepreneurial guerrilla warfare rule

      in my opinion, a small company in two categories: first, it is always a small company, it can survive well, and live forever, but these companies not only to what lofty ideals and high aspirations, survival; another kind of start-up companies is not the same, although it is small the company, but has a higher demand, only big companies want to small companies on their own, it can be called startups.

      join the business card business, I and my entrepreneurial team is very clear: we are going to start a big business. We basically come from big companies, McKinsey, Lenovo, HUAWEI, and so on, we have not done a small company in china. But on the exchange, I will tell them to look at the problem from a historical perspective, we are from big companies, the habits of the past is the Corps operations: resources unlimited, infinite strength, we need a strategy, planning, and refinement to every detail, because we have the ability to. Now, a small company more like a guerrilla, completely is the Eight Route Army practice, although there is a clear goal, but early not to succeed, but in order to survive, survive is development. Then the enterprise to fight again, as much as possible to win the victory on the road. The entrepreneur is an opportunist.

      start-up companies should bear in mind that they are essentially different from small businesses with a clear goal to fight for. This hill can not fight, immediately withdraw; a way out of the way, a quick change, adjustment is the most common phenomenon. In fact, there are many business card business early stage of the sequelae of large corporate style: everything must be planned, to be strategic, and even stand on the VC (venture capital) perspective. Now we will not

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