The impact of the era of those years or disappeared or away from our website

July 28th, the Forum web site announced the closure of the network closed. The banner network announced that the immediate termination provides content services, the website has only announced.

announcement content:

"respected banner network users, thank you for many years of company. Due to business needs, we immediately terminate the provision of content services. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. Banner network July 2015 "

a notice, once again caused an uproar, and it is understood that the banner of network in the early July has stopped updating. Users have also said that unfortunately, reluctant, to give a statement and so on, but the banner of the official network has not given a specific statement today.

closed in the banner of network background, we can see that in the past, disappeared, leaving us far more than BBS forum websites? Today, Xiaobian I will summarize those years, or disappear or away from us website.

a, NetEase community

is a NetEase NetEase community blog, space, community, club, hot discussion, friends, feelings, games, animation, travel, photography, constellation, music, comics, fashion, film, mobile phone, digital, automotive, pictures, beauty, women as one of the exchange platform. November 15, 2012, NetEase announced the release of community service announcement, said it will stop service at 0:00 on December 18th.

NetEase community formerly established in 1997, NetEase BBS, from the beginning to the end of the 15 spring and autumn. In the 15 spring and autumn, the continuous development of the Internet, emerging social media continue to emerge, in such a big wave, the NetEase community has been the impact of the decline is inevitable.


Two, the network

January 9, 2014, the network group purchase website issued a statement "the group as a business relationship has been unable to provide normal services, service will be suspended from now on." And also said that some of the arrears will try to pay off within three years. But much of the headquarters but the door closed, empty. From the industrial and commercial department learned, in violation of the provisions of article two of the net.


group that doubts crisis late and no relevant person in charge of the company’s figure is not. All the signs indicate that the group seems to have been unable to reverse the collapse.

three, rice unification network

April 22, 2014, Fantong website can not be opened, 400 reservation telephone call also no one connected. This was established in 2003, is known as the comprehensive online catering service enterprises Chinese first free restaurant reservation service, catering service discount free of Fantong down, operating 10 years, renowned Fantong down.


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