UC SkyDrive will close in April SkyDrive continued to analyze the 3 reasons of Jurisprudence

Following the

6 days before using the sales cloud disk (SkyDrive) account and password to spread pornographic information for profit case was announced, UC suddenly announced that SkyDrive will terminate, including a variety of storage service, service from April 15th onwards. Behind the SkyDrive adultury continuous fermentation, which causes

‘s hiding?

day before the announcement of UC SkyDrive official has aroused widespread concern of users. Notice that, since April 15, 2016 12 noon, UC SkyDrive will terminate the storage service, stop SkyDrive UC upload service / offline resources to SkyDrive / video transcoding service function.

As for the reasons for the sudden closure of

UC, SkyDrive’s official explanation is given, in order to cooperate with the country on the use of cloud disk to spread pornographic information special rectification actions. In early March this year, 115 SkyDrive for alleged dissemination of pornographic information pornography office was named after, at the zhuangshiduanwan momentum of comprehensive ban sharing features, the SkyDrive UC suddenly announced the adjustment of service function, may have masked jurisprudence suspects.

360, music, as well as the cloud disk from the case of 6 cases were announced, was centralized governance

actually, because users can provide free large storage space, and upload content is not restricted and free sharing features, all kinds of SkyDrive have gathered a large number of users. However, in order to bring convenience to the user, but also for the network to provide a breeding ground for this kind of bacteria.

in March 2nd this year, the national pornography office announced the 6 cloud disk (SkyDrive) using the sales account and password to spread pornographic information for profit cases, 360 cloud disk, LETV SkyDrive, 115 SkyDrive cloud storage tool named.

according to the relevant responsible person said, from the above cases to investigate the situation, cloud disk has become an important channel for some criminals "pornography pornographic". Pornography office announced today, concentrate time and power, to carry out a comprehensive fight against the use of cloud disk to spread pornographic information special rectification action, efforts to control the relevant illegal acts.


115, SkyDrive made corresponding adjustment in a week, following the early line "bag" feature, also announced that the next frame "I chat" sending files, equivalent to a total ban sharing function.

SkyDrive adultury continuous fermentation

regardless of the UC suddenly announced that SkyDrive will shut down part of the service function of the existence of concealed jurisprudence of the suspects, one from the function of adjustment, SkyDrive adultury phenomenon continues to ferment. As the network video broadcast, any SkyDrive can not be absolutely clean, but in the government’s management environment, SkyDrive adultury still repeated, hidden behind this in the end what is the reason?

1, pornographic information difficult to identify

in the Internet era, the spread of pornographic information more and more diverse forms, but also more and more subtle. SkyDrive enterprise, monitoring of the unhealthy information is still mostly uses the manual technique.

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