Tang Jun President of Xinhua and Tencent micro blog users interactive record

Xinhua president and CEO Tang Jun (Tencent technology plan)


technology news news June 18th, Xinhua president and CEO Tang Jun (http://s.t.qq.com/juntang) 3 pm today appeared in the Tencent micro-blog, according to his agreement before, interact with the majority of users of micro-blog Tencent.

Tang Jun profile: Xinhua president and CEO

joined Microsoft Corp in 1994, led by Tang Jun, Microsoft, China’s fiscal year 2003 to become the world’s fastest growing branch of Microsoft’s sales in the world’s 82 branches. In February 2004, Tang Jun retired and won the "honorary title, he served as president of Shanda president. 2008 Ren Xinhua president and CEO.

is the following Tang Jun and Tencent micro-blog users interactive record:

Ding Yu: what is the trend of mobile Internet


Tang Jun: Mobile Internet is definitely the future, the emergence of new terminals to bring more opportunities for the mobile internet.

bow: what do you think of the real estate market trend in the second half of 2010?

Tang Jun: I think China’s first tier cities real estate prices are significantly higher, there is a lot of room for decline, while the two or three tier cities, Changsha, Hefei, etc. are likely to increase. I think a reasonable price is 100 square meters is your annual income of 15-20 times.

small Rui Tang teacher: Excuse me the "you recently out of my business logic" is your own hand written? I would like to ask you, I am now 27 years old, now working in a small company decoration industry, 25% of the profits of shares per year (about 200 thousand) as I now have the end of dividends. A large enterprise invites me to do the furniture industry chain, the treatment is not high but the platform is very good, if you do, you will make a choice?

Tang Jun: if I were you, I’d choose a bigger platform to grow, because you’re still young. Unless you think the company can do a lot of decorating.

: "what time do" bottomless pit on


Tang Jun: I hope that next year is the first half of May schedule


Gong Junwei: I can do things I don’t like, I like things I can’t do, how can I do?

Tang Jun: then go to study hard, as soon as possible so that they can meet the requirements of the work, as long as the efforts, there is always a chance.

Zhou Ali: I would like to ask you, don’t buy a house, but now to enter the real estate industry, a person will never buy a house, how do you explain this problem?

Tang Jun: do not buy a house because Shanghai is not worth, but it does not mean that the development of real estate in Shanghai do not make money ah.

Chang Yuan: Tang total, can not say for so many years, in the fight >

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