Google joins RSS ad

in order to maintain the leading position, Google has already begun sales network oriented integrated feeds advertising news publisher.


Google is quietly testing a service Google AdSense, collocation of text or a graphic advertisement in RSS or Atom format in feeds, and this week, the company will be the test plan is open to all network publishers.


in the first quarter of this year, Google has added more flexibility in its advertising program. For example, recently the company allows the publisher using graphical ads on the network, it has long insisted on using only text ads; it also allows choosing the advertising display in which the publisher’s website, so that advertisers have more freedom of choice.


This measure was

independent publisher and content integration with the explosion of growth on the occasion. Blog publishing (blog publishing) and other new services to promote the integration of news and network to meet the users in other ways, such as consumer news and entertainment video content of interest.


Interactive Advertising Bureau said that the recent strong online advertising market last year, the growth rate of 33%, the scale reached $9 billion 600 million. With the fierce competition in the market, Google is trying to maintain a competitive advantage in the new market. Other vendors, including Yahoo, Kanoodle, are also testing RSS advertising services.


Google AdSense for Feeds service allows publishers in integration of headlines or content at the bottom of the feeds display text or banner ads. The publisher must be inserted rows to display advertising code in a web page, when Internet users choose these ads, publishers can share part of the advertising fee charged by Google.


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