Adsense network broadcast China nternet webmaster go Know almost hung up okay

1 China’s Internet webmaster go where?  

peak period there have been thousands of people to sign up for the activities of the Chinese Internet webmaster conference, but this year quietly.

famous individual stationmaster Lu Songsong in May 25th in his blog, has been held for nine sessions this year shut down, and activities in the last year changed its name, the original "stationmaster" two words is erased, instead of the Internet entrepreneurs conference.

2 how to operate the female community refused to stunt women do not have so much logic

from the financing of 100 million in, brush brush circle of friends of the little red book, and then to the more vertical vertical beauty community, the female community is becoming a new vertical category into the public view. Around the women’s learning, experience and self-awareness, which has become a new point of pain in the community.


1, in advocates users to pay attention to the beautiful side of life, feel the presence of self in social relationships.

2, for women, shopping is not so much logic, I like, I want to buy.

3, the community is not the same as the tool, it needs to have cultural tonality, need a lot of content to precipitation. What is the difference between female and male perspective?

3 know almost hung? Official response said the computer room is an emergency repair   fault;

news June 15th, noon today a number of users reflect the known pages open. In this regard, know almost responded that the computer room is almost unknown, is an emergency repair.

latest: 13:45 or so, know that the page is restored to normal.

4 privatization delisting: too late, the air has been fading, nanzu fate  

listed on the U.S. stock exchange 5 years later, the continued decline in the final choice of everyone or delisting became a Private Companies. Privatization itself is a double-edged sword, if everyone back to the domestic market after returning to the capital market also has too much uncertainty, this era has not belong to everyone.

day before everyone received the privatization proposal, the CEO COO proposed by Liu Jian Chen Yizhou. The plan proposes that it will be prepared in accordance with the price of $ADS4.2 per dollar or $1.4 per share. In other words, the United States listed on the NYSE 5 years later, everyone eventually chose to withdraw or become a Private Companies.

5 Sohu video sued cloud disk piracy requires compensation for damages of $2 million  

June 15th, a video Sohu told the media today, the drama works "enjoys the exclusive right to network dissemination of information producer" has recently suffered piracy, a number of infringing party sued the court to require the defendant to immediately stop playing, "

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