Jingdong with convenience stores O2O delineation of more two or three city users

March 17th, Jingdong to announce its retail O2O strategy, the effect is the future users through the website at the convenience store official website, LBS to find the nearest store to complete the shopping based on, and then the next line convenience store direct delivery, so that online shopping is no longer "can not afford to spend the time cost of implementation mouse click, online and offline convenient hand O2O.

in order to achieve its strategic O2O, Jingdong signed on the spot from the 15 city 1 convenience stores, at the same time in order to have better information docking with the convenience store, but also to cooperate with the 7 ERP software service providers, let the data and convenience store Jingdong to be shared.

this thing from the convenience store’s point of view, it is better to understand, that is, through the Jingdong’s large flow platform to enhance its turnover, and for Jingdong, what is its purpose?

user, two or three line city user

a large number of convenience stores under the (offline) user is a major reason for Jingdong to promote the O2O.

Jingdong needs two or three line city reasons:

first, improve the user structure. Liu Qiangdong about ten years planning of Jingdong at the end of last year, the Jingdong stated in the two or three line of the city, especially the three line city Jingdong far less well-known ali. This is also reflected in the channel sink strategy Jingdong 2014.

second, vip.com example. The proportion of vip.com users, the first tier cities is 15%, second tier 23%, line 30%, sales of 70% from outside the first tier cities, is the proportion of such users to some extent, created a myth of its shares.

features of these convenience stores:

two or three line city: Jingdong at present convenience store O2O strategic cooperation, has focused on the 15 city, in addition to the north of Guangzhou, both second tier and even three line city, Harbin, Urumqi, Wenzhou, Dongguan city.

developed the local brand chain: the Jingdong cooperation convenience store, a good neighbor, friend, quickener Meiyijia 12 Baidu search data, map display, Quik in Shanghai has 1279 (see below); a good neighbor in Beijing 223; every day and night in Urumqi 120, there are nearly more than 5 thousand Meiyijia in Guangdong.

why choose convenience store

it is currently in the retail industry is still developing a good format. A survey shows that in 2013 third, the fourth quarter, the fastest growing retail sales in China is the convenience store.

The natural advantages of

: the figure shows a convenience store, its distribution network intensive, with the cooperation of Jingdong in 2013 Tang Long convenience store as an example, it has 750 stores in Taiyuan, farm shop is also home to 450, at the same time with nearly from residential areas characteristics, has its natural advantages to solve the "last mile electricity supplier".


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