The golden age of independent B2C demand diversification

: when everyone is accustomed to online shopping, everyone likes online shopping, the demand will show a variety of trends, this is the golden age of independent B2C.

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, your mom and Dad, husband / wife, son and daughter with Taobao, golden age independent B2C came, why say, hate is simple, I just want to tell you, the relationship between the online shopping platform to Taobao as the representative and independent B2C is a co-existence of glory.

recently there are a lot of people are talking about how to deal with the competition between the independent B2C and Taobao, in order to seek the long-term development of independent B2C, it is some people sigh when the golden age of independent B2C come!

if you consider the problem with this thinking, independent B2C is probably not what the future, the first starting point is wrong, who said that the competition between Taobao and B2C? Can you say Changzhou Pacific Plaza and Kyushu clothing city (located in the low-priced goods) in competition? Of course not. They only serve the needs of different.

some people say that I also go low-cost strategy, good, it seems that between you and Taobao does exist a competitive relationship! Actually this thinking is wrong, you never want to and Taobao on the business competition, because this kind of thinking is like WAL-MART and small roadside shop for a fight at outrance, no it is not necessary. All the shops you can never let the roadside are closed, you have to do is to serve your customers, although the price strategy is the same, go is low, but you can say you at a roadside shop shopping and shopping is one thing to WAL-MART


of course there is also a doubt, that is the Taobao mall, this just near section, the introduction of a number of brands, many people may think this is not good, right, B2C? This is really B2C, but Don’t worry., I think this is not what the impact of independent B2C it will speed up the development, independent of B2C, many businesses chose the Taobao mall, that is because of the huge traffic are not familiar with the temptation of online sales, with the passage of time they will choose the independent B2C mode of operation.

Taobao mall like a traditional department store, has a very large potential for development, but it is a pity that this mall on the top of Taobao, Taobao started in C2C, and now become what B2C2C is. How do you think about how the department store and small commodity wholesale market together, of course, Taobao also said that there is indeed an argument, but in order to Taobao listing, to enhance its valuation, had to do so.

well, what time is the golden age of independent B2C? When people are accustomed to online shopping, everyone love when shopping online, the demand will be showing a variety of situation, the reason is very simple, everything is changing, but human nature will not change.

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