Baidu Baidu was transferred out of the list of directors of Wanda electricity supplier vice presiden

sina science and technology news on August 2nd morning news, recently, there is news that Baidu, Tencent due to dissatisfaction Wanda electricity supplier, where to fly in the past two years, the performance of the network and opt out. Sina science and technology query where the electricity supplier business information discovery, in the list of directors, former director of Baidu search company president Xiang Hailong, senior executive vice president of Tencent group, who has disappeared from the list of directors, such as.

According to Sina

technology that registered as Shanghai Frestech where Agel Ecommerce Ltd Wanda electricity legal representative Qu De Jun, the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, was founded in March 25, 2015, shareholders of Shanghai Wanda Nationwide Financial Services Inc network. In July 7, 2016, there was a change of business registration information of the company, before the change of Shanghai Frestech where the shareholders of the Agel Ecommerce Ltd is a Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd, a Tencent in Shenzhen Industry Investment Fund Limited, Wang Jianlin, after the change, has become a shareholder of Shanghai Wanda Nationwide Financial Services Inc network, and for the sole proprietorship.

in the list of directors who fly any electricity supplier, the former director of the dragon, Wu Xiaoguang, Ding Benxi,, DONG WILLIAM CE disappeared from the list. Among them, the dragon is Baidu search company president Wu Xiaoguang, Tencent former executives, respectively, on behalf of Baidu and Tencent.

Sina Technology to Baidu, Tencent asked about the change in the list of directors, the two sides did not make a positive response to the matter. In fact, Wu Xiaoguang in 2015 from the Tencent turnover transformation VC, but the dragon is currently senior vice president of Baidu, Baidu search company president.

for the above changes, Wanda electricity supplier staff said the matter did not know.

data show that in August 2014, Wanda announced joint Tencent, Baidu jointly build electronic business platform, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. In the proportion of equity allocation, Wanda holding 70%, respectively, Tencent and Baidu holdings of $15%. That time, the Three Party announced plans to invest 20 billion yuan in 5 years, to build the world’s largest O2O electricity supplier company.

however, the establishment of Wanda electricity supplier in the two years, the only project is "who fly", but in addition to cooperation announced a high-profile three investment 5 billion, fifast and Tencent, Baidu two did not have greater interaction and cooperation. (Zhou Xuedie)

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