Jingdong 3C weekend put the price of hot explosive products across the board offers

always don’t want to go back to school? You put a Jingdong with "price"! This weekend, you put the price of Jingdong to smooth cool experience! In September 2nd September 3rd, Jingdong such as open two days weekend promotion, the whole category of 3C Carnival weekend purchase notebook every 1000 minus 100, 50 percent off to 5 pieces of low self stationery, digital audio as low as 50 percent off, intelligent products under 99 minus 30. In addition, more surprises and explosive goods discount, Samsung Note7 new starting 12 ious interest free, HUAWEI G9 youth version OPPO coupons straight down 100, minus 20 the 12 phase of interest free, the glory of 8 Mobile Unicom version as low as 1999 yuan, LETV le 2 coupons minus 30 ious 6 interest free period. What are you waiting for? Don’t log on to the page, put yourself a big price!

link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/yuteUJZbmQV.html


super explosion limited sale of the first batch of hot

September 3rd, September 4th two day time limit of commodity Jingdong explosion of double 4G 32G youth version of seckill, Meizu as long as 1249 yuan, the Shenzhou ares K610D-i7 (HASEE) D2 notebook computer, 2G alone was as long as 3499 yuan! Good autumn time, how can we not go to play? Canon (Canon) EOS 70D SLR kit is only 6999 yuan the beauty of the moment, Jiangshan permanent memory, a lot more surprises in the Jingdong limited seckill,


in addition, there are special hot blast products, turion (Shinelon) Hyun front A3S notebook computer to 1999 yuan, WD (WD) 1TB mobile hard disk as long as 439 yuan, Plextor M7VC 256G SATA3 solid state hard disk activity price of 469 yuan, more computer value to surprise choice to be you found! Fiji news K2 1200M Gigabit wireless router 399 yuan to buy supplies, sent a large memory U disk, the music of the heart smart bracelet as long as 88 yuan! In addition, Huobian global "self-control" is only 23.8 yuan, pure collection picture book "the little prince" 26 yuan, LETV router intelligent network group purchase price only 119 yuan. More surprises more options, weekend Jingdong see!



value of mobile phone launch weekend

enjoy the weekend surprise, mobile phone discount is essential, a variety of mobile phone big surprise presents! IPhone 5S 16GB gold only 2099 yuan, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 64G version 5988 yuan instantly with double screen Samsung black technology and fashion, the moment at the forefront of the trend! OPPO R9 as long as 2499 yuan, let you easily charge five minutes, smooth cool two hours of talk, to communicate with the world without obstacles. The new HUAWEI flagship P9 full Netcom 4GB+64GB version requires only 3688 yuan, Leica dual camera into

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