Adsense network broadcast giant will push full treasure Ali shares PPTV near the end

1 why the seller also quite Jingdong POP platform

yesterday Jingdong open platform Taurus awards, the results did not find a dress big sellers, as far as I know apparel accounted for half of the trading volume of the Jingdong open platform, there are a lot of billions of dollars to the seller. I do not say we all know, stand, to, did not dare to go

!So learning

coming back from the United States, Liu Qiangdong opening remarks and asked: we had the right? The answer is not good, Ali alone big, traffic users soaring prices, advertising rose income did not rise without profit, when the whole is working to ali. This is the bitter reality! Why, Liu Qiangdong’s answer is: "whenever the monopoly, monopoly industry huge profits, users bitter force, such as banking, electricity, communications industry." So Liu Qiangdong added, single platform turnover of more than 50%, is not a good thing. I hope every seller, don’t hope for a." I think Ma and Liu Qiangdong are a few of the domestic Master speech, the audience want to know what, know what is the rival user pain point? But Ma’s speech is more like good people, speaking the future, but Liu Qiangdong some overbearing, more realistic.


2 news that Alibaba shares PPTV negotiations to come to an end

July 29th morning news, news from the investment bank, Alibaba shares PPTV negotiations have come to an end, it is likely to be announced immediately. But there are people close to the top of the PPTV said on the PPTV trading at least until the end of August will be clear.

in the Sohu drifted away from the video, PPTV behind emerging multiple buyers, including and Alibaba. Not long ago, there are rumors that Alibaba intends to acquire PPTV, and there is news that Liu Chunning, general manager of Tencent’s departure in July, has also been low-key to join Alibaba, but this news has not been confirmed.

But according to Sina

technology to understand, have a common investor Softbank and PPTV Alibaba, and PPTV did make contact and intends to invest. News from the investment banking circles show that this transaction has been basically implemented, is expected to be announced soon, but it is not clear whether the acquisition or shares.


3 Registered full treasure Shi Yuzhu involved in the Internet financial

Alipay launched the balance of treasure Internet Financial agitation in a pond, keen sense of smell, the giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu also began to get involved in this market. Yesterday (July 29th), >

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