Ali only 15 times the market value of the domain name in the next ten thousand miles Google

renamed China ( September 20th news, last night, Alibaba Group Pakistan officially listed on the New York stock exchange, becoming the focus of attention, whether it is a U.S. IPO financing record, or rose on the first day of 38.07% grade, Alibaba are enough to surprise the world. Among these, Alibaba in the acquisition of a large number of domain names are also not small.

figure: Ali listed

It is reported that the Alibaba

, the original issue price of $68 per share, but after the 10 polling price record for nearly 2.5 hours after the price rise, finally opened to $92.7, closing up $93.89, an increase of up to 38.07% on the first day.

at present, the market value of Alibaba has reached $231 billion 400 million, surpassing Facebook, become after apple and Google, Microsoft’s fourth largest market value of technology companies, is second only to Google in the world’s second largest market capitalization of Internet Co. In China, the market value of Alibaba to rival Jingdong way ahead of $38 billion 700 million, and more than Tencent ($151 billion 200 million) and Baidu ($78 billion 680 million) the total market capitalization of the two companies.

15 years of development, Alibaba by an unknown network company, has now become the world’s largest commercial giant. During this period, the Alibaba has been expanding its territory, kill the Quartet, and was regarded as the website domain name is as the shadow follows the form tool.

1999, newly established Alibaba, although the venture capital limited, but still a big acquisition of 2003, Alibaba registered, opened a Taobao era". In 2008, Taobao mall enabled combination of domain name was established, after 4 years, changed its name to "Tmall", Larry domain had been the first to buy ali. In 2010, digital domain is enabled as a Alibaba China station main domain name, the same year the acquisition of, Alipay and jump.

In addition

, "Juhuasuan" ", from", "the cloud", "Mom" and "rookie" full set of domain names are also in the Alibaba on the journey to help Ma to lay the jiangshan".

said Alibaba listed yesterday, opened an era. Indeed, that year, the only 18 small company now has now become a business empire that everyone admires, perhaps as the Alibaba listed in the "still have a dream, if achieved it."

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