Small and medium enterprises even wind blowing fashion department store B2C Yao point 100 suspended


Yao point 100 to suspend operations of the official announcement (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (min XI) July 31st news, the domestic fashion department stores B2C website "100 recently announced that, for office and room upgrade relocation, suspend site operations, and no longer accept orders for July 28th. On the occasion of the major integrated electricity supplier platform price war, the survival of small and medium enterprises have become increasingly difficult.

Yao point 100 said in the announcement, will be completed as soon as possible relocation, return to normal operations, but did not disclose the exact time of recovery. Currently Yao point 100 official website has been unable to visit, enter the domain name directly after the jump to the official micro-blog. However, Yao point 100 official micro-blog has just released a notice, micro-blog content has not been updated for half a month.

it is understood that the headquarters of Shanghai Yao point 100 was founded in 2009, located in the city of women fashion department stores, from the six degree of trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation. Yao point 100 COO Zhang Tian Hong had boasted of its main competitors include Jingdong, Dangdang and Amazon China all wish to enter the department store category of e-commerce website, aims to become the vanguard of the domestic B2C website second group.

August 2009, "Yao point 100" won the children’s Shihao Qiming A $40 million round of investment. In May 2010, the Baidu Inc and the fashion brand Daphne $60 million. August 2010, Intel invested 10 million yuan. Since November 2010 formally launched operations, Yao point 100 has maintained rapid growth, single day orders once broke through the 30000 single monthly sales exceeded $30 million. December 2010, Yao point 100 visits up to 27 million 760 thousand times, ranking in the electricity supplier in the top ninth.

since then, Yao point 100 but continue to spread bad news. First, all kinds of layoffs rumors, after March this year, even more exposed bankruptcy. Some analysts pointed out that Yao point 100 in the business model and not much problem, mainly the price war hit too far, in addition to the loss did not leave any valuable customer resources. The Yao point 100 to suspend operations because of money or burn, to bear the pressure and the rent is forced to move to suspend operations.

at present, the domestic electricity supplier price war into the tragic white hot stage. Two major chain Suning, Gome (micro-blog) are due to excessive investment in the field of electricity supplier led to a sharp decline in the first half results. But the fate of small and medium business more critical, in the "point 100 announcement to suspend operations, the luxury electric providers to share network also confirmed that 200 employees cut more than half.

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