Pay homage to the disappearance of the CEO are no use will not to like Ren Zhengfei with the brain

Abstract: excellent CEO, like Ren Zhengfei, know how to attract management consultants external ideas and expertise, to do a good job in the management system of the company, so the company’s development is no longer depends on his personal, personal ability, and rely on the strength of the team has to transcend personal organization ability.

last year, Zhang Rui (spring rain doctor CEO) a friend would like to introduce me to the doctor to consult the spring rain, was rejected, it may be that he felt he had to do anything. He was in charge of a large amount of investment funds to his country’s brightest Fangsai (from the non investment to give them money, the last two days of the big pharmaceutical companies, well-known investment company investors include Qizheng Tibetan medicine (002287) the controlling shareholder of Gansu Cheezheng Industrial Group Co. Ltd., the Yanghe River shares (002304), and the Longhu group head Wu Yajun etc.).

I talked with his friend for more than an hour, the core point is: it is difficult to have a greater than Ren Zhengfei, but do not need to rely on consultants can achieve great business, a lot of cases…… When they said to each other in high and vigorous spirits… Then… About time an interview with CEO, but has not met.


management is a science, contrary to scientific management, thinks he can fix everything, only exhausted themselves was not great, such as Jobs disease will be tired tired. But the more than and 70 year old Ren Zhengfei will not be exhausted, HUAWEI from 20 thousand yuan to 500 billion a year in sales, the company from 6 people to one hundred and seventy thousand people, is not dead. He knew by the consultant forces can be less effective, Ren Zhengfei already knew that this point.

I’ve seen too many big bull companies fall, it is recommended that I have mastered and directed hundreds of enterprises to promote scientific management system to improve. But CEO is always busy, it’s hard to date, so even if. It was the sudden death during the national day to report shuabing.

my cell phone, there is a CEO, is precisely the director of a State-owned Enterprise Institute, but also disappeared, he disappeared because of the prison.

was invited to do a training for their research institute, the director asked me to do a full range of management consulting. This research has thirty years of history, has been a chip, excellent talent constantly lost, relying on the point of the military life of the project, but has not developed for a long time. More and more people, military projects also need to compete in the market, people are increasingly struggling to raise research institute. Follow up did not plan to carry out consulting projects, because the director has been very busy, the director personally busy running Beijing run project orders. The result has been to prison, I have never seen him, until the news.

my phone is also a chairman of the board of directors of the listed company’s contact, a few years ago, they do as the most growth of Asia’s enterprises, the stock has been as high as one hundred yuan, annual sales revenue reached 10 billion yuan. But communication >

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