The fifth annual meeting of the Webmaster fine domain auction will be wonderful

May 29, 2010, the fifth annual meeting of the Internet will be held at the the Great Wall hotel in Beijing, more than 3000 owners and insiders participated in the annual meeting. In the afternoon of the venue in the venue C auction will be more exciting. A total of 40 boutique domain name to participate in the auction.

it is understood that the domain name auction by the famous domain name trading website rich network organization, to participate in the auction of 40 domain names, including,,,, and mobi. Both the starting price of a few hundred dollars of the creative domain, and the starting price of hundreds of thousands of quality domain names, to meet the needs of different levels of the webmaster site. The auction will be a very warm atmosphere, a lot of domain name is after many rounds of bidders increases only the final transaction.

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rich network responsible person, the auction to auction through such a form, set up a bridge of communication between the domain name and domain name owners demand, making the real domain demand can get their desired domain name, to lay a good foundation for the future establishment.

domain name auction this form of domain name in the country only a few years of development history, and in foreign countries has been quite common. Although the domain name is only a symbol on the Internet, but has its uniqueness and irreplaceability of the domain name in the global scope is a scarce resource, and attracted a large number of private capital investment behavior of domain name. But for a long time, the domain name and the domain name of the potential buyers of the communication between the parties is not convenient, so the domain name buyers find it is not easy to buy a domain name. The domain name auction officially through a live interactive way, between the potential buyers bid to confirm the domain name domain name the final transaction price, with its open characteristics, by all of the domain name and domain name purchase approved by both sides.

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