Ninth soft writing and soft marketing training began to accept the application

Whether it is business or

, website marketing, marketing is an important marketing tool, marketing effect is very obvious, especially the soft writing as search engine optimization network optimization process, more and more enterprises pay attention to. At present, the soft has become the new darling of the network marketing, the promotion of soft as a kind of easy to operate, less investment, good results of marketing tools, gradually being valued by more and more enterprises. Now small and medium enterprises have their own products for the promotion of network marketing, in which the investment is less, the effect of fast soft favored by small business owners. For any enterprises, organizations and even websites, shop, or plan to fame individual owners, the media exposure rate determines the reputation and status, but how to deal with the media, how to write the manuscript, the editors welcome how to quickly develop the article, how to batch writing, how to customize the media promotion plan, brand operation the news of their problems, obviously need a series of skills, through this training so that students can learn to write all kinds of high quality soft, soft Wen promotion and marketing to learn to use.

webmaster soft writing and marketing training has opened the eighth period, Ninth period, compared with the previous period of training, in addition to theoretical knowledge, more emphasis on the soft aspects of combat training, training and learning system through half a month, advertorial writing and marketing skills.

training group: shop owner, enterprise marketing department, sales department, public relations department, network department, writer, webmaster, web editors, business personnel;

training content: soft writing and soft marketing training

training: 20

registration advice: QQ:8561289; QQ:886128 phone 400-008-3536

Start time: December 26th 20:00 -21:30

lecturer introduction:

Zhu Zerong

Admin5 special lecturer. The earliest advocates of soft writing on the Internet, the first actor to develop soft Wen training, he is the founder of the theory of soft text. For many years rooted in enterprise level, and the Internet industry for many years, mainly engaged in the national standard and the Ministry of commerce standard Publicizing the work of development.

Chen Guoqiang

A5, former editor in chief of A5 station network, deputy general manager of stationmaster net, media network marketing

CEO is good at writing

total hours: 12 classes

training: voice training

charges: charge 300 yuan per person to pay the address, not satisfied can apply for a full refund of

training content outline:

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